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More particularly called vital power, etheric power, celestial power, animal or human power, it would represent according Dr Franz Anton Mesmer* some energy coming from celestial bodies and analog to the power of the magnets although it is obviously more subtle.
That particular force would reside in the bodies of humans and animals. Mesmer affirms that some people can possess a high degree of that animal magnetism and contribute their accumulated energy to their fellow creatures.
*Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) was a German physician and astrologist who invented what he called animal magnetism and other spiritual forces often grouped together as Mesmerism. He chose animal (from Latin animal= soul ) to identify that force that belongs in all animate beings.

In January 1768, Mesmer married Anna Maria von Posch, a wealthy widow, and established himself as a physician in the Austrian capital Vienna . In the summers he lived on a splendid estate and became a patron of the arts. In 1768, when court intrigue prevented the performance of La Finta Semplice (K. 51) for which a twelve-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had composed 500 pages of music, Mesmer is said to have arranged a performance in his garden of Mozart's Bastien und Bastienne (K. 50), a one-act opera, [ 7 ] though Mozart's biographer Nissen has stated that there is no proof that this performance actually took place. Mozart later immortalized his former patron by including a comedic reference to Mesmer in his opera Così fan tutte .

Mesmer - Analog ConversionMesmer - Analog ConversionMesmer - Analog ConversionMesmer - Analog Conversion